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        Activities During Coronavirus for Pre-Law Students

        April 17, 2020

        If you’re in the process of building your application for law school, the COVID-19 pandemic may not only have disrupted your LSAT plans, but it also could have put a stop to any extracurricular involvement that required you to leave your house or be outside. Even though

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        Coronavirus and Business School Admissions: Application Cycle Updates

        April 14, 2020

        We’re almost a month into life as we know it experiencing drastic changes due to the COVID-19 outbreak. With offices and firms going virtual, you’re working remotely while trying to figure out whether to apply to business school in the fall. Or, you’re a Round 3 candidate, who is

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        PSAT Prep: How to Understand and Approach Each Question

        April 13, 2020

        If you’re early in your high school career, the PSAT is a focal point right now. You may have seen students spending hours going over PSAT booklets and trying to figure out how to navigate the exam. Now, one of the biggest questions for the PSAT is, how important is the exam? Quite frankly, it has a moderate

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        The SAT Optional Essay – To Write or Not to Write

        April 10, 2020

        The SAT optional essay is a section designed to test students’ ability to write under strict time constraints. For many, this can be an intimidating concept. After all, almost every student has encountered writer’s block at some point. However, this can be a great opportunity to demonstrate your ability

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        What to Do During Coronavirus for Your MD Admissions Profile

        April 8, 2020

        While the Novel Coronavirus outbreak continues, you may be seeking new routines as classes transition online and MCAT dates get disrupted. Academics are important, but you shouldn’t forget your extracurriculars. Even though the protocols implemented to limit large gatherings and public outings

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        Coronavirus Dos and Don'ts: Including COVID in Med School Applications

        April 7, 2020

        We’re nearly a month into COVID-19 disrupting life as we know it. If you are a prospective medical school candidate, your road to applying has become tougher, from trying to figure out when you’ll be able to take the MCAT to considering how to continue volunteering

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        2020 College Acceptance Rates: The Latest Admissions Trends

        April 6, 2020

        It’s that time of the year again. Students who applied to college this admissions cycle have spent the last couple of weeks anxiously checking their email and clicking links in various portals to hopefully find good news awaiting them. Most colleges are done sending out their letters and acceptance rates have started to be released!

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        Picking Your 10th Grade Classes: Questions to Keep in Mind

        April 2, 2020

        The days are getting longer, and temperatures are (very) slowly rising. Easter bunnies are replacing snowmen on store shelves, and your guidance counselor has called you to her office for a meeting. Yes, it’s that time of year again. Course selection! Your annual opportunity to choose which classrooms, teachers, and textbooks you’ll spend most of your waking hours with between September and June.

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        Coronavirus Resources from InGenius Prep

        April 1, 2020

        The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown all aspects of daily life for a loop. As everyone strives to adjust while staying healthy and safe, some of the biggest changes have occurred in education. With all high schools and colleges transitioning to online classrooms, shifts in the admissions process have followed accordingly.

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        A Comprehensive Guide to Coronavirus Testing Policy Updates

        March 31, 2020

        With safety measures implemented as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, you might have already been notified of adjustments made to your SAT or ACT exam dates. On top of standardized tests being moved, there are also changes to be aware of regarding your end of year exams.

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